Mediation is a confidential eight-step process, facilitated by a qualified mediator in a neutral environment. Mediation works for people who want to explore every possible option before committing to an agreement that works for them. For those people, accepting an agreement imposed by an Arbitrator or Court is a last resort.


Mediation allows people to reach agreements that work specifically for their situation. It's quick, affordable and stops conflict becoming entrenched. It builds a foundation for relationships that work.

People in dispute make some common mistakes

Conflict puts people in a heightened emotional state that clouds their thinking and makes them reactive. Being in conflict makes it easy to get stuck in a conflict rut and develop feelings of powerlessness. The truth is, people have total control over how they react to the situation. Mediation is a safe place where people can take back control of the conflict and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Nobody likes being in conflict - even if it doesn't look like it, the other person is probably feeling as terrible about it as you are. Whether it's a family or workplace conflict, it affects a lot of people and relationships. They are relying on you to make things better.


Kath helps people make agreements that work.


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